Ranveer Singh reaffirms the saying ‘The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach’ with this cute pic

The lockdown has made people more creative. Bollywood celebs have been trying to cheer up the morale of fans in some way or the others. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have been giving us a glimpse of how their life is in lockdown. Ranveer Singh who is famous as an adoring husband gushed about how Deepika Padukone is treating him to some yummy home-cooked food. Deepika Padukone made salad, soup, Thai curry and cake for dinner one night and he was floored. Today, Ranveer Singh has shared a picture on Instagram that is too cute for words. We can see them as cartoon characters and he has put the caption, ‘Dil ka raasta pet se hoke jaata hai.’ Ranveer Singh looks rather plump in the cartoon with a big belly. 

Earlier, Ranveer Singh had spoken about life has changed in some ways after marriage. It seems Deepika Padukone is quite particular that he only leaves home after finishing breakfast. In a live video, he said, “My wife has been spoiling me rotten, feeding me all this yummy food, just amazing stuff. Today, she’s in the mood to cook again, there’s a lovely Italian meal coming up, which I’m really looking forward to. She’s lovely.” It was an Italian meal that he was talking about. Deepika Padukone made pasta, garlic bread, chicken in Italian dressing and one dessert item.

The handsome actor is a huge foodie. He loves mutton. As per Ranveer, he can have spicy mutton dishes on a daily basis. He also likes to binge on Indian-Chinese. Ranveer has said that he does not obssess about weight when he is on a diet. We can see that Ranveer!

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